About Label

The collection offers many varieties of garments to fit the busy life style of our canine friends. That varies in the practical, the casual, the dressy-casual, the business-casual and the formal.

No matter which garment you choose, the designs in this collection are technically developed to maximize comfort and function without compromising the cutting-edge style. The overall design will always be based on the designer’s appreciation for aesthetics and classical styles.

La Maison de Puppy’s garments are always trendy and chic, featuring attractive colors and patterns with unique details, while seamlessly achieving functionality that is integrated with fashion design by the experienced fashion-world designer.

The La Maison de Puppy was established in 2009 with the idea of creating “one-of-a-kind canine apparel.” From cutting of the fabric to the final touches of pinning the hangtag, each piece from this one-of-a-kind collection is individually handmade with utmost care.

The very first piece was inspired by the designer’s passion and fascination with materials. The original care and passion are carried through under the label “La Maison de Puppy N,” our one-of-a-kind collection noting the founder / designer’s first name initial.

The featured collection has a full range of garments from daily casual wear to formal wear for special occasions. Each piece is considered to be at a couture level for canine clothing design.