About Us







About Us

Welcome to La Maison de Puppy

La Maison de Puppy is a dog apparel design studio, with a mission to create sophisticated styles incorporating cutting-edge trends from the fashion world for our canine friends.
The designer/founder is a graduate of F.I.T’s New York and Florence Fashion Design programs, with a hands-on experience of more than a decade in the New York fashion industry.
La Maison de Puppy was founded in 2009, and is located in the heart of Chelsea, Manhattan.


Our Products

La Maison de Puppy proudly presents the following three essentials in our all products:


Our Designs are gracefully unique, sophisticated and subtly edgy.
La Maison de Puppy’s products are known for attention-getting creativity, utilizing unique materials and design to incorporate a “Wow!” factor. The wearer is certain to be the admired center of attention every time.


Careful attention is given to detailed technical design resulting in precise fit.


For warmth? For keeping dry in the rain? For a special night out?
Whatever the occasion, the careful technical design of the apparel will guarantee true function for the need of the moment.

Our Mission

La Maison de Puppy aims to add moments of joy and aesthetic fun for our canine friends, their loving families, and all dog-lover, through creative products and services.

Our Trade Mark

La Maison de Puppy owns two trademarks it has registered with the United States Patent and Trademark Office which will be used to symbolize the company in its branding efforts, and to represent the sense of style and high quality inherently found in the company’s products and to reflect the company’s mantra, “noble but never snobbish, friendly but never cheap, not ordinary but never crazy and always refined in an edgy way.”